Behavioural Competency Questions ( Example)

Behavioural Competency Questions

1. Drive

Definition: Shows total determination to surpass all expectations whilst benchmarking performance against the best in the industry.


a. Tell me about an achievement you made despite difficult circumstances?

- What obstacles did you have to overcome?
- What compromises did you make along the way?
- Did you need to adopt a fairly isolated stance – if yes, can you explain when this happened?

b. Tell me about those with whom you compare yourself and your performance?

- How do you think you compare with them?
- Why does their level of achievement matter to you?
- How easy is it for you to gain the evidence of their performance in order to benchmark yourself?
- How do you gain the evidence required to benchmark your own performance?

Evidence Required:

  • maintains overall direction
  • accepts unpopularity at times
  • measures success by beating targets
  • appears “never to give up”