Here is a comprehensive collection of FAQs regarding women returning to work in the insurance risk industry.

Insurance is the business of managing risks around the world. Some risks are well-known, like car or home insurance. Others relate to global issues like cyber-crime, climate change and international business.  

Ask your firm if they run a Childcare Voucher scheme to help offset the cost.

You do not pay tax or National Insurance on Childcare Vouchers up to the value of £55 a week, which means working parents can save approximately £1,000 a year – double, if both parents sign up for a Childcare Voucher scheme.

Remember to check that your child carer accepts Childcare Vouchers. There are numerous firms that offer the service so you need to check with provider they are registered with.

You can also go to Gov.co.uk and use its online calculator to work out whether you will be better or worse off applying for childcare vouchers: www.gov.uk/childcare-vouchers-better-off-calculator

Whether you are about to go back to work or are already back at work and finding that full-time work is a bit of a struggle, it is worth speaking to your boss and human resources department to see what the options are.

There may be the opportunity to cut back just one day a week, come in later in the morning or leave earlier in the evening, work from home more or maybe even take part in a job share. You do not know what the possibilities are until you ask.

Remember that your holiday entitlement builds up while you are on maternity leave in the same way it would if you had been at work. This means that if you have not added it all to your maternity leave, you often have the right to take what is left or you might be able to do reduced hours until it is used up.

In order to request flexible working, you must have worked for your employer for a minimum of 26 weeks (including your maternity leave). But it is important to stress that you only have the right to ask for flexible working.

Gov.uk has more detail on how flexible working works in practice: